I’m already capable of delivering injections, what difference will CALAJECT make?

  • We understand that you’ve mastered the technique of carrying out injections and we’re not here to change that. With CALAJECT we aim to refine and optimise your technique to ensure you consistently deliver a gentle and comfortable injection to patients.

How can CALAJECT save me time and money?

  • CALAJECT is cost-effective as there are no additional costs for added consumables and can be used with standard needles and cartridges.

How will CALAJECT help my nervous patients?

  • CALAJECT is a great practice-builder as it positions you at the forefront of patient-centred care. Being able to offer gentle, comfortable injections to nervous patients can significantly improve their experience of visiting the dentist.

Dr Phillip Lewis

“CALAJECT gives me the confidence of knowing my injections will always be delivered at a constant rate and at a speed appropriate for the procedure. This greatly enhances patient satisfaction. As many people reject treatment they need because of fear of the dental injection, taking away this concern is not only a relief for them but also improves my number of accepted treatment plans.“

Philip Lewis BDSAvenue Road Dental Practice